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   Runyang passed the API Spec Q1 annual review 2017.04.15
   Runyang passed the review of products by GE steam power 2016.12.02
   Feedback from Users of HTHP Pipeline is Good 2016.07.20
   The leadership of Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd. investigated our company 2016.05.25
   Annal Review of three system has successfully ended. 2016.03.30
   Be qualified supplier of Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd 2016.03.10
   Pass the API Q1 standard on-site audit by American Petroleum Institute 2016.03.07
   Pass the supplier review by Shanghai Boiler Works Ltd in forgings products 2015.11.18
   Be qualified supplier of Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd 2015.10.10
   The leaders from Harbin Boiler Co., Ltd came to Runyang to conduct annual inspection. 2015.09.23
   Signed the fourth generation nuclear power shidao bay high temperature gas cooling reactor project 2015.05.28
   Succeed in review of ASME PP&U certificate. 2015.01.23
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